EOne Service

E/One Sewer Systems®

Nieman Plumbing is the certified agent for the E/One Sewer, the environmentally sensitive, economically sensible low-pressure sewer system powered by E/One grinder pump, the most rugged and reliable household grinder pump. A low-pressure sewer system consists of a network of pressure pipes and grinder pumps, installed at each homesite. The grinder pumps collect all of the wastewater from the home and grind it into slurry. The wastewater is then pumped to a larger sewer main or directly to a wastewater treatment plant. Call Nieman for more information about the E/One Sewer System.

Echange and Loaner Pump Program

Nieman Plumbing, an authorized service center for E/One Sewer pumps, would like to inform you of a new service center exchange/loaner pump program. If you or your customer has a faulty or malfunctioning E/One sewer pump which is out of warranty, Nieman Plumbing would like to offer you a loaner pump while rebuilding your existing E/One Sewer pump.

Nieman Plumbing is now a full stocking distributor and service center for all E/One sewer pumps. If a pump is under warranty, Nieman Plumbing can handle the repair at no charge to you. If the pumps is out of warranty, Nieman Plumbing can supply you with a loaner pump until the existing pump can be rebuilt. The normal turn around time for most sewer pumps should be between one-two days. Every sewer pump rebuilt by Nieman Plumbing will be run through a battery of tests to assure its original product quality. Please call our office if your are interested in our loaner pump program.


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