Easywater® No-Salt Conditioner


What is Hard Water? 

Hard water is found throughout the world, and in about 85 percent of the United States, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Hard water areas exist where water has access to rock that contains calcium, magnesium, or a combination of both.

Hard water is fine for many uses around a home, such as watering a garden, washing cars and general outdoor lawn care. Water, as it comes from a well or from a municipal treatment plant, works fine for these purposes. But for indoor use such as showering and bathing, washing dishes and clothes, shaving, and dozens of other uses, hard water is not as efficient or convenient as "soft water."


Advantages of Soft Water

  1. Uses less soap and cleaning products
  2. Reduces "soap scum" and 'bathtub ring' that are difficult to remove
  3. Minimizes unsightly spots on dishes, glassware and flat ware
  4. Cuts down on scale that clogs plumbing and builds up on the inside of water heaters; which can increase gas or electric bills, and may lead to early failure of the heater
  5. Increases life expectancy for appliances, including washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters.
  6. Contributes to softer skin after bathing or showering, opens skin pores and cleans hair more thoroughly. This reduces the risk of diaper rash, rough, red hands, and skin irritation and discomfort.
  7. Improves the taste of ice cubes and boiled foods such as vegetables

A study conducted by the American Institute of Laundering determined that detergent and laundering costs can be as much as twice as much in hard water as compared with soft water.


EasyWater™ Systems are eco-friendly, good for your health and have no negative effects on water appliances.

EasyWater™ does not use or discharge salt or harmful chemicals,and is maintenance free. EasyWater is beneficial to vegetation and has been proven to increase plant growth.

Salt water softeners also use considerable amounts of water during their regeneration process. The new EasyWater™ conditioning system eliminates this wasteful process, and saves thousands of gallons of water a year..


The EasyWater™ Difference

  1. Less expensive than a salt type water softener and more effective in eliminating hard water problems.
  2. No salt or harmful chemicals
  3. No discharge into the environment
  4. Beneficial to health and environment
  5. Can reduce home water use by 6,240 gallons a year
  6. (where salt-type water softener is used
  7. Requires no plumbing
  8. Takes up no floor space and fits anywhere
  9. Maintenance Free
  10. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee 


How it Works

Unlike salt-type water softeners, the EasyWater System creates a physical change to water without using salt, chemicals or filters.

The EasyWater signal wire is wrapped around a copper, PVC or PEX pipe.

Electronic frequencies (not actual electricity) pass through the pipe and cause molecular agitation in the water (Faraday’s Law).

As a result the minerals lose their electrostatic charge, and do not stick to piping, water heaters, and other water using equipment.

By eliminating the use of salt or chemicals, EasyWater is safe to treat all the cold and hot water in a home, including the outdoor faucets.

The system retains beneficial calcium and magnesium minerals in the water, but prevents the minerals from forming deposits in water-using appliances.

The EasyWater System is a product of Freije Treatment Systems. The company has been a leader in environmentally sustainable water treatment for commercial and industrial markets since 1986 and recently adapted the technology for residential use.