Sump Pumps

Spring rains, high water tables and clogged gutters often bring flooded basements. A sump pump is an automatic water pump installed in a pit below grade (below the basement floor) to remove ground water from under and around basement floors. One of the most important functions of sump pumps is to protect basements from flooding. In addition, by routinely removing ground water, a sump pump reduces the possibility of the basement floors cracking and shifting from the water pressure. The basement area stays drier and feels less humid.


PHCC Pro Series Sump Pump

Industrial Grade for the Residential Market

Nieman Plumbing is proud to offer the PHCC Pro Series line of Sump Pumps manufactured by Glentronics Industries. These PHCC sump pumps offer residential customers and industrial grade product at competitive pricing. PHCC Pro Series primary pumps are built to run continuously for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They are strong and dependable, and when they are used intermittently in a sump pump application, PHCC Pro series pumps carry a full 3 year warranty. Nieman Plumbing proudly installs the PHCC Pro Series ST 1033 in all of its applications along with one of the most advanced controllers in the industry. PHCC pumps use a Deluxe Dual Float controller.

This Deluxe Dual Float Controller monitors pump and power conditions and sounds an alarm when a problem is detected. These warning signals are described below. In additional, it begins the pumping cycle when either float rises ¼” and runs the pump an additional 10 seconds after the float returns to its original position.


Deluxe Controller Warning Signals

When a warning alarm sounds, a light will appear on the front panel of the controller indicating which problem has been detected

  • AC Power is out - sound an alarm when the power is out, the pump has accidentally been unplugged, or the circuit breaker has been tripped
  • The system is operating – a light blinks continuously indicating that the controller is plugged in and operating
  • 9 volt battery low or slide switch OFF – indicates when it’s time to replace the battery or reminds you to move the slide switch back to the on position
  • Pump or float problem – sounds an alarm when the float has been raised for 10 minutes continuously, an indication that there is a potential pump or plumbing problem
  • Remote Terminal – provides connection to a home security system or remote dialer

Energy Efficient Pump Performance

The PHCC Pro Series pumps use substantially fewer amps than pumps from other manufacturers. That means they are considerably less expensive for a homeowner to operate. The average cost savings earned when using a PHCC Pro Series 1/3 HP sump pump is $55.41 per year**

**Based on an average pump run time of 5 minutes per hour for one year. S3033 uses 4 amps @ 10’ The estimated industry average is 9.5 amps. Average electric cost per kilowatt-hour is $0.12.